Scholarship Recipients

Shane Aivazian, 2017
D. Hunter Bedrosian, 2014
Anna Marie Cruz, 2013
William DePew, 2014
Shane Fregin, 2017
Savannah Gafford, 2011
Tylor Gilbert, 2013
Sean Hakam, 2017
Takashi Hamada, 2010
Konrad Theo Krzywicki, 2016
Francesco Luna, 2015
Katherine Martin, 2012
Jesse Peri, 2015
Nicholas Ramos, 2016
Cristian Reynoso, 2015
Brenda Robinson, 2012
Bianca Rothrock, 2011

Spotlight On:

Takashi Hamada

I decided to become a Firefighter at a young age. My house burned down when I was a freshman in high school and in that moment of being down, the people who were there to pick my mom up and I were the firefighters. Once I started volunteering as a fireman I would go on calls with the paramedics and I was always amazed at the level of skills they had and how they were able to help others. I was drawn to it.

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Brenda Robinson

I have always wanted to become a firefighter, but I also have had a passion for medicine. Volunteering as an athletic trainer, getting my EMT license, and working full-time on an ambulance have all lead me to wanting to take the next step to become a paramedic. I worked alongside firefighter-paramedics and knew that I wanted to have the skill base to help the community at a higher level than as an EMT. I always have a drive for more knowledge in order to keep up my education to benefit those around me. Receiving the opportunity to go to paramedic school was a dream come true.

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